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An exceptional range of 725 km, the lowest emissions and charging frequency, less repairs and 7,000 to 20,000 km of free solar range every year. Brothers Roy and Tom Cobbenhagen are proud to contribute to the Lightyear One, the world’s first long range solar car, which makes it possible to drive for months without charging.

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You can spot the Lightyear One on the road from Summer ‘22 onwards. Its € 250,000 price tag makes this exclusive edition especially interesting for investors. Within five years, the Lightyear Two should hit the road for a fifth of the original price.

As a student, Roy co-founded the Solar Team Eindhoven, which won the world championship with the world’s first solar-powered family car. In 2020, he rejoined solar car development as Lightyear’s VP Research after finishing his PhD. “Currently, I am working with my department on cutting-edge technologies for the future of mobility”, Roy says. “The Lightyear One is entirely built from scratch, totally different from any other electric vehicle. It is powered by four motors we placed inside its wheels and has a unique form for aerodynamics, so it reaches unprecedented efficiency.”

In 2021, his brother Tom also joined the adventure. Entering the company as a student in Industrial Design Engineering, he is now responsible for Governmental Affairs. “Ever since high school I have been involved in the European Youth Parliament, now as its Vice Chairman. I have been able to combine my technical background and experience at the youth parliament at Lightyear, as I focus on European legislation to stimulate the usage and development of solar-electric vehicles as much as possible.” Roy: “Ultimately, our goal is to bring clean mobility within reach for everyone, everywhere.”