Savour the South

Photography: Laurent Stevens

The South of Limburg is all about savouring the good life. Oenologist, Stan Beurskens, takes you on a journey through this beautiful region, full of highly inspirational farmers and (wine)makers who create unique flavours. Enjoy the trip!


In the southernmost tip of The Netherlands lies Stan’s own wine estate, St. Martinus. Since 1988, St. Martinus has been an innovative wine company with a passion for quality, innovation and sustainability. Year after year, Stan and his team present award winning wines, putting the mountain village of Vijlen on every passionate wine lover’s map. 

St. Martinus wines are produced in an almost energy neutral four-storey cellar, in a completely circular process. Together with universities and other collaborators from The Netherlands and abroad, Stan conducts research into new techniques to make viticulture ever more sustainable. He is committed to confronting these challenges and taking responsibility for changes that will enhance the future for generations.

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Wine tasting flight

Taste our curated selection of house wines in a unique tasting flight, served with light bites. Our white, red and rosé WIJN 265 are all made from a composition of grape varieties grown in our WIJland vineyard and produced by St. Martinus.