A new generation leading the way

Marriël and Camille in conversation about leadership
Photography — Jonathan Widdershoven

Never walk empty-handed: It’s lesson number one in the hospitality industry. Marriël van der Most never forgot it, even though her family business operates in a totally different market to hospitality. The phrase stands for something bigger, for an attitude that characterises her as a human being and as a leader, trying to make the world a little better. Camille Oostwegel talks to her about leadership, future plans and family businesses.


The unspoken rule in the family was that she would not enter the business before turning thirty, so Marriël started her career elsewhere, in catering and events. A stressful job, especially due to her perfectionism and eye for detail. Still, it taught her that she is a facilitator at heart: back then for her guests and now for her clients and employees.

Running all-round graphics manufacturer and service provider Koninklijke Van der Most, Marriël works with her father, brother and sister in an exciting market. Founded as a commercial printer by Marriël’s great grandfather in 1904, the company is best known for its envelopes. The ‘blue envelope’ - a classic symbol of the Dutch tax authorities, rolls off its presses. Now, a new era has arrived, and Marriël is here to lead the way.