Let's live the experience

For years, luxury was all about exclusivity. The exotic places you travelled to. The classy restaurants you dined at. Luxury was a matter of consuming the experience, checking it off the tick list, and moving on to the next adventure. But there is no list to check anymore. In our business, luxury is now all about travelling for personal fulfilment, about embracing the journey, not the destination.

Meaningful luxury confronts the shift in luxury from indulgence to elevated essentialism. A shift from what you have, to what you know, from status to self-expression. The freedom to explore and travel, which to me is the ultimate bliss. I love seeing the world, experiencing new cultures, new cuisines and meeting new people.

At Oostwegel Collection, we chase after fulfilling experiences to enrich your lives and ours. We aim to deliver a highly personalised service with intention and purpose, inclusivity, and a sincere feeling of care. Our guests appreciate a true story. They care for cultural credibility, which strengthens us to make choices we believe in. To think beyond short-term wins and think long-term for the next generation.

Do we create moments of connection with our teams, guests, and local community? Do we make responsible decisions that protect our environment? Do we look for opportunities to have a positive impact on our world? Does what we offer drive positive change? We act with intention and put meaning into any choice we make, aligning them with our values and purpose. From there, we create authentic guest experiences that add meaning to your life.

If we live it, you will feel it.

Meredith Stark-Oostwegel

“At Oostwegel Collection, we chase after fulfilling experiences to enrich your lives and ours”
As the Director of Brand & Marketing, Miami-born Meredith Stark-Oostwegel puts meaning into luxury.