Serving the senses

A reflection on people, the environment and taste
Text —  Kim Jansen - Alderden​​ / Photography — Guy Houben 

Eating is all about emotion. That mystical moment when it all comes together: the food, the vibe, the lights, the music and above all the sense of hospitality with a heart. It can be an experience to cherish forever. Not simply a dinner out, but an immersive happening comparable to theatre, with a feeling of luxury and the making of memories. From denim magic to authentic art: let us dive deeper into our senses.

The welcoming and honest smile that opens the door on your celebrational night out feels like a warm embrace. A fresh, floral arrangement has been designed with care and expertly blends with the aesthetics of the restaurant. Your dining adventure started with just your eyes. The curated playlist, a testament to the founder’s flavour, is mixing rhythm with melancholy, the classics with the new and the tinkling of the bartender’s shaker is music to your ears.

Kitchen St. Gerlach 2022

When a chef’s refined palate collides with a strong wish for personal design and identity, magic can happen. Back in the day, three-star Michelin restaurant Oud Sluis in Zeeland made the radical choice to dress its complete team in denim. Today three-star chef Björn Frantzén steps almost literally into your kitchen while guiding you through his Nordic dinner masterclass* at home. Yet, nothing beats a live experience, like the one at Stedsans in the Woods’* forest resort in Swedish Halland. It shows that luxury and sustainability can create a unique playground where the call of the wild is never far away.


Elena Alves de Oliveira Neto
Kitchen St. Gerlach

Pieces of art

The urge to create and surprise is about serving the senses in any possible way. Yet, we see a change taking place. More and more, craftsmanship, authentic and local produce alongside genuine hospitality are recognized as pieces of art in itself. Elders in communities are cherished for their unique knowledge, precious for generations to come, as seen with the Antinori dynasty, winemakers since 1385. From their palazzo in the heart of Florence, their expertise has passed through 26 (!) generations, from planting the seeds to creating vintages with phenomenal taste. It is the ever evolving story of winemaking.

However, serving the senses does not require a century-old family story or a perfectly orchestrated Michelin-starred dinner. Dare to say ‘yes’ to spontaneous opportunities, and perhaps end up chatting to a local farmer who invites you for a coffee, or playing darts with a devoted cheesemaker. Was it curated especially for you? Or just coincidence when it all comes together? Taste is in the magic of meeting people. In authentic settings and shared stories, not solely served on your plate.

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